Apply for Residency

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In order to become a member of SHC and live in a co-op house, you must first fill out the application. This is NOT an application for any specific house, but only for membership in SHC.

To be eligible for residency in any given house as a new member, you must take a tour of the house, then attend both a meeting and a meal with that house. 

The SHC will take between 2 and 10 days to review and approve your application. If you are approved, you will receive an email with further instructions.



General Information
Permanent address
(5 digits only)
Current address
(5 digits only)
Opening Information
You may be asked to prove this by the SHC staff
Leave blank if you have not lived in a Co-Op before.
Uncaged pets must be approved and registered with the SHC office
Leave blank if you are not allergic to any animals to the best of your knowledge
Leave blank if you are not an international student
The following questions are intended to educate you about what life will be like in a co-op, and for us to get to know a little about you. Please answer as honestly and openly as you can. Living in a co-op is not like living in a dorm or regular apartment. You will be part of a community, and will be held personally accountable for responsibilities that go along with that. These responsibilities include: 2–4 house meetings a month, 2–4 hours per week of house chores, plus one mandatory house work day per quarter; learning and abiding by all SHC policies; willingness to treat every member with respect and work to resolve conflicts peacefully.
Leave blank if you do not know a current Co-Oper

Living in a cooperative is unlike living in an apartment complex, the dorms, or even a rental property; interpersonal relationships are very different, and the labor structure of the house and the SHC means that the dynamic of cooperative life is very different. You will be living with people of different genders, sexual orientations, religious and cultural backgrounds, and political opinions, and sometimes conflicts are unavoidable. Please think about the following questions carefully and give your honest answer.

Situational Questions
Emergency Contacts
First Contact
Second Contact
Means of support (approximate)
Income & Expenses
Gross verifiable income (monthly)

Payment Plan Option

If, between the 1st and the 10 th of the month (the tenth of the month being included), a member becomes aware of his or her inability to pay his or her balance in full, and no further outstanding debt aside from the month’s rent contributes to his or her balance, he or she may arrange to make a payment plan with the office. The payment may not be delayed by more than two weeks from the date of the arrangements and his or her bad debt must be paid in full by the end of the contract period.

Payment plans arranged by the office must be emailed to the house in full. This payment plan will come up for review at the house’s next full meeting. The payment plan must be explained by the Corporate Treasurer. Because the payment plan is considered legitimate and stands before the member’s house approves it, payment must be made on a regular basis from the day the plan is signed. Once the house reviews the member’s payment plan, they have the option to accept or veto it. Acceptance requres a unanimous vote at a house meeting that has a quorum, and all house members voting in the affirmative must sign the payment plan.


If you don’t have two employers and two landlords to list, please list others with whom you’ve had an adult relationship, such as a minister or rabbi, High School or University teachers, sport coaches, families for whom you babysat, organizations for which you volunteered, etc.—just to make sure that you indicate the nature of the relationship.

Employer 1
Employer 2
Landlord 1
If applicable only - if an independent, be sure to enter Landlord name, above.
Landlord 2
If applicable only - if an independent, be sure to enter Landlord name, above.
Additional Questions
Permission & Signature
I, , give my express permission to release any and all information regarding my

employment/tenancy/relationship with any company or individual listed as a reference on my application for housing with the Student Housing Cooperative, Inc.

Entering the last four numbers of your social security number acts as your legally binding signature on this application.